We have a stunning décor tips and designs to modify your new beautiful home. If you want to freshen your room or looking for a complete painting of your new house, we provide a complete painting guide to you. For your new home project, painting is a great tool to select with the type of paint, color, time and budget. We help you with the dos and don’t’s of color selection or lighting conditions, and make you understand the basics of color and combinations.

Keep in mind, painting a new house or room requires a fair bit of research. Few factors have to be kept in mind like types of paint, texture and patterns, different color combination, surface to be painted either interior or exterior walls. Choosing right colors and adding many styles and textures is a great way to update your room, make a choice so that it gives modern look and a calming effect.

We have trained and trusted painters providing you with faster and hassle free painting. We have teams working with spirit to get you the scoop on painting. Our contractors make you understand the quality and longevity of the paint you select for your new home and we give a quick rundown of the difference between standard paint work and a custom paint job. You should always go with higher grade paint with a smooth matte finish. Semi gloss gives a durable, shiny and noticeable shine. It is great for kitchens, baths and kids room. It is easy to clean too.

Typically in a new building, contractors come in with the flat paint or custom paints. At London West Builders, we provide quality professional works for your custom home.

Our painter works with the plans you suggest and we give the freedom for you to select the paint for your new building. We can answer your questions and advice on the custom painting. To give suggestions is a part of our process to bring you a quality painting job that fits your lifestyle.
We help you to get started with painting on your room or new home. Explore new colors for interiors and exteriors for your new home project.